Windows Vs Mac OS – Which Choice Is The Best?

By now you have no doubt heard about that age old debate between computer users: Windows vs. Mac OS. This isn’t anything new and both systems have their pros and cons. This doesn’t mean that they are identical, though, and the truth is that you are probably going to be better served by one system over the other. Consider the features of Windows and Mac that we’ll be discussing in this article, and then make up your own mind.

One of the primary reasons that people have chosen Windows over Mac is because of compatibility. Since Windows is the more popular operating system, a lot of software applications are made to be windows compatible.

Even if a Mac version is created it may operate differently and it’s possible that it won’t always be compatible. Todays Mac computers, though, can simply run Windows through Bootcamp. This means you can run Windows on any recent Mac computer. The reverse, however, probably won’t ever be a possibility. Before, when you wanted to run Windows on your Mac, your only option was programs like Virtual PC which are completely slow and absolutely unreliable, but this isn’t the truth anymore. Today it’s more than possible, it’s easy to read files and play games that are only meant to work with Windows systems on your Mac computers. When you go out and purchase a Mac computer, it will come with software programs already installed that are useful and a wide variety. Some of the programs you get, which are included with iLife, are iMovie, iWeb, iPhoto and iDVD. You will be able to take your audio files, videos and photos, and not only edit them, but also organize and share them. When it comes to software, Windows doesn’t really give you that much. When you buy a new PC, it may seem like you’re getting a lot of software, but if you read the fine print you’ll find that a lot of these are free trials. To keep using these programs after a month or so, you will need to pay for them. This is particularly true of low-priced PCs. You should think about this when comparing the Mac to a PC in the matter of price.

If your Mac laptop or notebook gets stolen, the newest OS release, Lion, has built in security that will keep you protected. Remote Wipe is a feature that has been out for a while on the iPhone, but it is new for bigger computers. With this feature you are able to remotely wipe out your whole hard drive if you lose your notebook or laptop or if it gets stolen by someone. When you keep your personal information or sensitive files on your computer, this can give you some honest peace of mind. The iCloud serves as the hub for this feature and it is only available through the Lion OS. As of this article’s writing Windows based computers do not have anything that is remotely comparable to this feature. It also helps, of course, to backup all of your important data so that if you do ever need to erase that hard drive you won’t lose anything that is very important to you. If you want a computer with Windows, you know where to begin your search, and if you want a Mac, the same is true. After comparing the Mac and PC for price, versatility, interface and appearance, you should know what type of computer you want. The OSs of both have been compared, so you should know which one has the most advantages, making your decision an easy one.

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