Toshiba Launches Spanking 3D Parade Devoid Of 3D Glasses

News:April 28 morning news, according to foreign media reported yesterday, Toshiba Movable Spectacle Corporation (Toshiba Movable Display) announced with the intention of it has introduced the logic which does not need Peidai Te glasses with the intention of you can bestow three-dimensional effect of the 3D display.3D Box now on the promote require special glasses to allow users to think it over 3D stereo images.In general of the 3D Box is using committed 3D glasses (Active Glasses), a infinitesimal part the aid of passive 3D glasses (Passive Glasses), while the fee of a duo of 3D glasses are 150 dollars.Plus the distinguished cost of wear 3D glasses when the glasses are not comfortable, yet these factors induce on to 3D Box pandemic Laptop batteries.However, approximately manufacturers take place inflicted with introduced a 3D spectacle wanting special glasses.Toshiba Movable Spectacle has announced with the goal of the company produces high-definition 21-inch autostereoscopic spectacle using multi-parallax technology, users sort unfashionable not need to wear 3D glasses mean befall able to think it above the real 3D video, and the other not inconsiderable viewing gradient flaunt.

On television, the viewing slant is furthermore an valuable indicator equally wider viewing slant earnings with the intention of users sort out not need to be inflicted with been sitting inside front of television.Other than Toshiba laptop batteries , Nintendo furthermore announced the imminent relief of a standard manufactured goods want befall equipped with the extra 3D displays; 3D glasses sort out not need to befall able to render 3D visuals and the Toshiba 3D Glasses is kind of the great thing on this case.It is reported with the intention of Astute has furthermore urban which does not require 3D glasses and 3D spectacle could befall solely what Nintendo has selected Sharp’s 3D screen.TOSHIBA 3D spectacle of the imaging logic want help to stretch the calculate watching television cause eye fatigue.Toshiba called parallax practice using the multi-location according to the uncommon users be inflicted with uncommon 3D images.Inside addition, the Toshiba Laptop Battery using low warmth polysilicon equipment to solve the come forth of screen pledge is not distinguished enough, the 3D spectacle can furthermore provide non-inferior to 2D screen brightness.All aptly modest.

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