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All laptops/notebooks have crappy sound, and that is exactly why the Philips SPA5210B 27 Notebook SoundBar came into being. This is exactly what people have been talking about for so long – the very small audio out of our notebooks. If you have never thought about actually doing something about this, then perhaps you should after reading our review of the SoundBar by Philips.

The Philips SPA5210B 27 Notebook SoundBar attaches directly to your laptop, and it blends right in. The way it attaches is with clips that have a securing device and it is quick and will not be in the way.

Philips took care to ensure that the wiring for the audio can be stored in use. The device will be securely attached, and then you can just start using your computer as you normally would. The SoundBar is portable enough to transport with your computer which would only make sense. What is also tremendous about the Philips SPA5210B 27 Notebook SoundBar is it will be fine regardless of the laptop or notebook you use. The common question always comes up with Macs, and the answer is there are still no problems, here. Pre-MAC OS X and pre-Windows 98 operating systems are not compatible, though. Another consideration is to make sure you have sufficient memory so your machine does not slow down. Since it only weighs two pounds, and comes with a carrying pouch, it’s ideal for anyone who wants a convenient way to enjoy better sound from their laptop.

If you’re on a budget, or you only want to improve your notebook’s sound to a certain degree, the SoundBar is a good choice. If you really prefer more sound quality, then you will need to shop for a more expensive solution. Philips does produce other similar products that are higher end and carry a higher price tag, though. The price range can be up to about 150.00 more than you would pay for the SoundBar which retails at just under $50. The best approach for what to get really should depend on your habits, and that is a prime consideration with some electronics. You can successfully use the Philips SPA5210B 27 Notebook SoundBar and it will work great. It does have its flaws, such as less than perfect bass sound, and a plastic clip that can easily break. Yes, this is a solid unit with a few drawbacks but the price will not break your bank.

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