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Just What Effect Will Original Xbox Live Cancellation Have On Players And The Gaming Community

Ever since the first Xbox console was released all those years back, Microsoft’s online network known as Live has given the facility to play multi-player games on the internet. The system set the benchmark by which all future net system support would be measured, and has garnered great renown through promotion of arguably the best online multiplayer games ever produced.  It has caused quite a lot of commotion, then, since Microsoft have asserted that original Xbox Live cancellation is to be brought about this Spring. 

This statement has brought with it many questions, some of which will be addressed here. The very first thing to hold in mind is this announcement doesn’t include Xbox 360 and titles for that console. Only the first Xbox, and titles produced for that machine, will be affected by this.  Microsoft assure gamers the original Xbox Live cancellation was not made without consideration and they are totally thankful to the gamers that made Live the success story. 

The announcement is a little bit of a sore point to some gamers. Though obviously eclipsed and surpassed by the 360, the Xbox holds a dedicated cult following, with many of their games still being enjoyed by users.  The clear example here is Halo 2, which retains a large following on Xbox Live. However, being a title released on the original platform, it too will be affected by original Xbox Live cancellation. 

And so why are Microsoft implementing original Xbox Live cancellation? In order to dedicate full resources and time to the Xbox 360 and imminent projects, the company are withdrawing this resource. With exciting features like Project Natal heading our way, Microsoft are set on applying all they’ve got into delivering the best they can, and assure users that the end result will be worthwhile. The original Xbox Live cancellation is a shame for those involved, but the future promises more exciting things and Microsoft want to throw all efforts into providing the excellent service they always have.