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Switch Pro Widget Totally Free Download

Lots of people are nevertheless in use, a veteran of your program switch / toggle widget. It is small, sophisticated, simple to use. no background solutions, no access for the network and has essentially the most comprehensive contact. You practically can quickly switch or manage any technique settings. It includes a powerful interface customization features, you are able to nearly custom you could think of any interface elements, also you could also scheduled turn on / off some settings and add widgets for the notification bar.


In the event you run Cyanogenmod, then this will be extremely redundant, given that its essentially the exact same toggle widget you get with that ROM, within the notification bar. Nonetheless, in the event you have’nt rooted, or are operating a ROM that doesn’t consist of that feature, then this can be a really, very beneficial little widget.

Ease of Use:

The widget is quite simple to set up, enabling you to undergo some settings to get it searching specifically the way you want. To work with it, you simply tap the setting you want to toggle on or off.

Often Utilised:

This can be anything you will in all probability use fairly a bit. You could use it to not just toggle your settings, but to see at a glance what’s turned on that could, for example, be draining the battery. In case you don’t want Bluetooth or GPS right now, this makes it easy to turn them off, after which turn them on again whenever you want them.


The settings interface is clean and simple to navigate. And also the widget itself is clean – it is a bar that has compact icons for every of the unique settings, and they may be the standards you are applied to, so it is simple to distinguish them proper off the bat. They’re able to, however, be slightly customized for instance creating the widget background transparent or changing the active color.

Switch Pro Widget Download Free