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The Logitech S715i Rechargeable Speaker For IPod And IPhone Enables You To Take Your Tunes With You

Bring your tunes wherever you go with Logitech S715i Rechargeable Speaker for iPod and iPhone, which looks like a beauty, while sounding like a beast. This sleek and stylish high-fidelity speaker can provide eight hours of sound on its rechargeable battery. The speaker is guaranteed to operate on an iPod and iPhone. The travel case that accompanies the speaker can also hold the remote control and A/C adapter.

It is easy to set up out of the box. The flimsy kickstand must be pushed in hard for it to lock, and then it will support the unit fine. Although it doesn’t have the fit and finish like other speakers, the audio quality beats most. For the size, the box provides full and clean sound with remarkable bass. Some individuals have found the mids slightly lacking and the bass a touch too pounding but others have made comparisons to Bose. Seeking to compare this device to Bose, while doing it at a busy store, was difficult to say which sounded better. But audio quality is also quite subjective so you may want to look for a way to listen to the speaker yourself in a controlled environment.

A big complaint that lots of users have is that the sound of the speaker is better when plugged in using the A/C adapter. When the speakers are operating on batteries, it doesn’t sound as good. If you’d like to have the best audio quality, you want the speaker to be plugged in otherwise the sound quality is good for casual listening. This downside may cause fits for some people who want outstanding sound quality but have no access to electricity. Various other problems include the inability to control the iPod with the handheld remote control. The travel case for the speaker is somewhat cheap and does not feel like it is capable of efficiently safeguarding the speaker.

On the whole, a good number of reviewers were happy with the sound quality for the price. Many were pleasantly surprised about the fullness, quality and volume being produced by such a light and compact unit. A few features which were liked are the dual voltage, which works great for many who travel internationally. It has a power adapter, and the AUX-IN capability allows for movies when connected to to a laptop computer. While the remote control does not have a lot of features, it still works really well. To be informed on helpful tutorials about Noise Cancelling Headphones or best 1tb external hard drive then head to my site to find out more about this, see this site.

If you have a Logitech S715i Rechargeable Speaker for iPod and iPhone on your desk in your home office, you will surprise your visitors at the quality of sound. For small-sized audio systems that are reasonably priced, this product by Logitech represents advancement.