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The Movers And Shakers Of CES 2012: Nokia, Nikon, Razer And More

As usual, CES is a big score this year, but it isn't invariably clear what firms and products will make it a big score. It's simple to get lost in all of the hustle, bustle and hype, and there’s definitely more than anyone can hope to experience. So we are hoping to ease your stress by sharing what we’ll anticipate at this year's CES in beautiful Las Vegas. Of course, we will be there to bring you the latest updates about the electronics you covet.

As normal, the gadgets we’ll hunt down are or are related to smartphones, cameras and home-based cinema equipment, though not every company will tow along the large guns in every class. Still, there are some top products that we're looking forward to experiencing and finding out about. In a number of cases, the world will lay eyes on a few of these poorly kept techniquesimminent products for the 1st time.

Nokia: The company is predicted to show off its latest and best Windows Phone hardware. Though it only exists in the shape of rumors and leaks, the 4G Nokia Ace is expected to put in an appearance, and it may be offered by AT&T and/or T-Mobile. We might also see official Lumia 800 models for the US with added LTE connectivity. We expect to see a fair share of Nokia feature/dumb telephones too.

Nikon: The successor to the D3 DSLR, known on the streets as the D4, should debut. Nikon is rather good at keeping its secrets under wraps, so it’s hard to work out the organization's plans for CES. Regardless of if we don't see the D4, Nikon should be a big player this year with a couple of the company’s big projects rumoured to launch shortly.

Fujifilm: The camera community enthusiastically awaits the arrival of Fujifilm’s mirrorless camera, and the company would be run by fools if it didnt ‘ show off a working prototype at the show. It may launch in the Spring if rumors turn out to be true.

Razer: At the previous CES, the company’s Switchblade concept laptop turned heads and made headlines due to its unique and dynamic keyboard. At this year’s CES, the company is predicted to show off the Razer Blade gaming laptop computer, a bigger gadget which is built round the technologies developed for the switchblade, and game players around the world continue to anticipate its release since Razer delayed the release until January.

Samsung: The successor to the Galaxy Note’s throne may put in an appearance, and we may also see a US variation of the original Galaxy Note with added LTE connectivity. We doubt the Universe S III will show up, but we are hoping we're wrong.

LG: The company should show off its latest and best smartphones, truthfully it’s latest offerings leave us yawning. On the home-based cinema front, LG is not lagging. The company is also predicted to debut its 55-inch, ultra-thin HDTV with an infinite contrast proportion. That's the largest OLED HDTV ever shown off in public.

Sony Ericsson: This company has a number of highly-anticipated products in the works for US residents, and CES 2012 is the perfect time of the year to show off those products to Americans. We'd be stunned if the company didn't make a giant statement this year.

Nintendo: Though working prototypes of the Wii U have just had exposure to the general public, Nintendo will probably have a few more on display at CES 2012 for eager game players to test. We will not learn anything new about it, but we may find out about new games and services that may launch with the console.

Obviously, there’s lots of stuff at CES 2012 to anticipate. There’s no way we can cover it all here, and there’s probably a large amount of stuff that'll debut to take the show too. We will keep you updated, so stay tuned.

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Not The Best Season For The Wii

Nintendo Wii has nearly the entire motion-sensing video game industry right in the palm of its hand. However, numbers are showing that consumers are slowly moving from the Wii system to rival game consoles like Microsoft’s Xbox 360. It appears that the Nintendo Wii, one of the few prominent video game systems in the 21st century, is fading increasingly more in popularity. And if Nintendo fails to produce a brand new creation to match with its competition, returning to positive growth could be highly unlikely.

This year is poor for Nintendo Wii

Leading U.K. video games retailer GAME blames Nintendo’s consoles for the decline in revenue and sales this year. Gamestation also reported a loss of nearly 40 percent in sales compared to last year’s sales for Nintendo Wii and Nintendo DS consoles. U.S. customers are also showing a shift away from the Wii. Nintendo is not very looking forward to the low shipment numbers for August, reports Conceivable Tech. There were few Wii’s shipped. There were only 244,000. In contrast to the 357,000 Xbox 360 sales and 226,000 sales for PS3s, total Nintendo Wii sales for that month seem to pale in comparison. There has been a significant decrease in sport console product sales. This has been taking place for a while. However, with the current trend, if Nintendo doesn’t come up with something fast, chances of reclaiming the lead could be slim to none. The Japanese video sport giant likely won’t be arriving out with a brand new Wii gaming console. Next season there may be plans for a new Wii gaming console to be introduced. It nevertheless probably will not be coming out until 2012 at least.

Motion sensing game competition is coming now

The Wii has some competitors. These are big time competitors. The Wii remote was mimicked by Sony with the PlayStation Move that came out earlier this season. It has better motion sensing technology in it than the Wii remotes though. Kinect is a camera based upon system that makes it so a remote is not even needed, which is what Microsoft is working with supposedly. A microphone, camera, depth sensor and processor are all used in recording what the user does with its movements and sounds. It is slated to be released in the United States sometime in November. Marketing is being planned by both companies carefully. They are marketing to the upcoming holidays.