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Motion Design – Why It And Your Motion Design Tools Are Important

There has long been a need for motion design in the packaging machinery industry because there has always been a need to mechanically move, fold, tuck, lift, twist, transfer or in some way shape both product and packing to make a package. As soon as something moves in machinery, then numerous motions must be merged together.

Any good engineer would be aware that if bad motion design is adopted into packaging machinery mechanisms, servos or cams, the machinery will probably jam, need upkeep, not run as fast, be noisier and not last as long. Nonetheless with excellent motion design, the same machine can be totally transformed into a highly efficient, reliable, fast, quiet and durable machine.

The SAME physical machine, but one with DIFFERENT motion design can give a totally different performance.

What constitutes good motion design and bad motion design for an individual axis? Is it low peak velocity, low peak acceleration, motion continuity or low harmonic content? What is the right way to weave all of the individual motions together? Which mechanism are you able to afford to accelerate more? How closely can the motions overlap?

PSMotion have developed MechDesigner software to help you simply design all of the motions AND mechanisms in one application and simulate them all, running and synchronized exactly just like the intended machinery.

At this point, the value of MechDesigner’s real time inverse kinematics capability is also obviously evident. It is only by having the ability to use inverse kinematics and by having the ability to watch, edit and design the motions at the tooling, that you’re able to squeeze the most out of the motion design process.

MechDesigner even permits you to easily correct motion design ‘on-the-fly ‘ so that you can get the best machine, mechanism and motion design you want. What machine design business doesn’t require that?

MechDesigner: Cad, Designed to Move.

Dr Kevin Stamp is the Technical Director of PSMotion Ltd who specialize in the development of special purpose machines and in the development of machine design software, namely MechDesigner. Kevin is an engineer and BSc in Mechanical Engineering with a PhD in High Speed Packaging Machine Design. He was an engineer in the British Merchant Navy and spent 15 years employed by Unilever in the UK, India and United States of America. PSMotion was created in 2004.