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Hard Drive Destruction

Companies usually store sensitive data in the computers they use in the workplace, data that a company would not want to expose to third parties. Such data and information contained in these computers may relate to clients and staff of the company. Remember there are ICO regulations requiring that this data and information be kept as confidential as possible. Otherwise, you may be fined heavily.

Another gadget used in the office and which may also contain sensitive company data is the mobile phone. You must authorise the staff to leave the handsets before they go away or leave. In addition, replacing mobile phones is necessary when the company is doing an upgrade.

Whether large or small, companies must therefore think about what to do with their computer hard drives or mobile phones that contain sensitive data that could pose a danger when accessed by third parties. The two options available basically are: clearing the data from the hard drive or destroying the hard drive all together.

Many think that the best option available is to wipe the data and information contained, because then the hard drive and mobile phone can be used again.

What does clearing the data and information entail? Software programmes that can be run on the computer to destroy the data and information can be bought by the company. The company can then use the hard drive again since the sensitive data formerly there has been destroyed.

Unfortunately, wiping the data and information and reusing the hard drive and mobile phone does not offer complete 100% security and confidentiality for the sensitive data in question. Professional frauds can still use the hard drive and mobile phones, run their own professional reformatting software to restore the sensitive company data and information and do the damage intended. This can happen, for instance, if the hard drive and mobile phone is thrown away.

This is the reason the second option is preferred by some companies and businesses: completely destroying the hard drive. The hard drive can no longer be accessed, and neither can the data and information contained in it. This means you are completely and 100% secure.

Destroying hard drives, however, posses another problem to companies and businesses that have decided to do it. It is considered difficult because the tough hardware must be physically handled to destroy it and sometimes you may not destroy it properly, meaning that the data would still be accessible if the remains are found. This is why consulting a professional service to destroy the hard disk is very helpful.

Companies can take advantage of hard disk destruction services provided by professionals in their localities. Once they physically destroy the hard drive, it is not possible to have someone accessing the data and information therein because the hardware is no longer accessible. This will leave the business owner or company with peace of mind, knowing that the sensitive data and information stored in the hard drives will never be accessed.

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How To Choose The Best Hard Disk Data Destruction For Your Needs

Data security is the practice of ensuring that the data are protected. Most people fail to secure the data in their hard disk as a result personal data become stolen. A stolen data can risk data breach, identity theft, and other crimes that suspects can run away with ease, rebuking you as the person responsible for the crime. This happens because people fail to eradicate data in their drive. Of course we know how to delete a file but what we didn’t know is what deleting a file completely means. What they perceived about file deletion is a big mistake. Hard drive shredding Montreal.

After the file is deleted and permanently removes(emptied trash) the index of the file is just forgotten, the file exists but resides in the free space, waiting to be overridden

Hard disk data destruction is the way to remove leftovers of the file.

The files that can be gathered are your credit card number, address, social security number and other personal information you willfully or mistakenly saved.

So how do we really delete files in hard disks?

If you are planning to sell or throw away the disk, you have to secure your data first. There are 3 methods for to destroy data securely:

Software data destruction

This method does not require to touch the disk to eliminate the data. It rewrites the data several times in alternating patterns.

There are 2 ways to wipe the data Selective File Wipe

Selective file wiping is a process where a user has control to what file has to be wiped.

A recommended solution for short-term use or if you are renting a computer in public places.

Boot and Nuke

This procedure erases all the files inside the drive. It is recommended when you are to sell the disk because it eliminates fragments of files without damaging the disk. The data destruction begins when the system boots up. It runs in the computer’s RAM which means all the data are entirely erased.

Physical Destruction

Permanently destroying the disk so that it becomes unreadable and unusable.It is best for damaged disks because it makes remnant files unrecoverable.

There are two ways to undergo physical destruction of disks: Using Tools.

Tools made for hitting, slicing, burning or boring holes found in our homes can make disks permanently unrecoverable. Open the hard disk using torx screw then destroy the platters. Just like that, you can be convinced that the data are gone for good.

Disk Destruction Services

Disk destruction services does the same job as what home tools can do only that it is using a machine specialized for the task. It is a very effective method and is it recommended by the Department of Defense for securely deleting data.


Also recommended by the Department of Defense, de-magnetism or degaussing is a hard drive data destruction method that removes the magnet in the disk Magnetism is required in a disk because it keeps the data intact even if the disk isn’t used for several years. When the magnetism of the drive is removed, the servo is also altered. Servo is the disk’s main chip, when data in the servo is gone, the disk will just be a worthless piece of junk.

Use data destruction when:

  1. I want to be secured when using computers public locations or locations I might risk data breach.

    Use selective file wipe. Some file wiping software are portable, just install the software in your USB thumb drive and take it anywhere you go.

  2. I am planning to sell my old disk.

    Format the disk first then use the Boot and Nuke method.

  3. I am planning to donate the disk.

    Write the disk multiple times and use the Boot and Nuke method.

  4. I want to throw away my disk.

    Use any physical destruction method or degauss it before throwing away the disk.

Additional Tips:

  • Wiping disks using software are not as effective as physically destroying the disk. Overwrite the data several times to be sure. Only use data destruction services if the data is very risky to be exposed to the public or you have multiple disks to destroy. Data destruction services are as effective as manual destruction methods, but compared to doing it yourself, data destruction services are very expensive.
  • If you want to destroy the disks yourself:
  • Wear protective gears particularly when you are to use power tools.
  • Aim at the platters, don’t stop until the platters have ripples or dents.
  • Do not burn the disk as it emits toxic fumes.
  • Do not put the disk inside the microwave.

Are there preventive methods?

The next time you buy a new drive, encrypt your hard disk. Data encryption makes the disk more safe from unauthorized data extraction by concealing the data so that it cannot be viewed by those that do not know the password. Data encryption software are attainable online for free.

When your disks have been stolen and your personal data gathered, you can risk identity thief. Identity thief is a crime, it takes away a person’s identity and use it to commit crimes. Do not become a victim of stolen hard disks. Keep yourself from encountering problems like data breach, or identity theft by securely removing data or encrypting the disk.

Is There An HP Hard Drive Docking Station?

You most likely wandered in this page simply because you were searching for a hard drive docking station that’s branded HP. Unfortunately, you will not have the ability to discover one. Even though HP has a complete set of personal computer accessories and devices, the organization didn’t release a hard drive dock.

Just before we discover the closest to a hard drive dock that HP has to offer, let’s talk about external memory systems 1st.

In any device’s system, the memory is almost certainly the most important aspect due to the fact it is where you store all the data you produced or downloaded. Although technology evolves, pc memory also develops. But many pc models are old, and it’s unsafe to open them up so you can install an additional disk drive.

Laptops are also unadvisable to open for that purpose. The best and easiest answer for additional memory capacity for your PC, be it a laptop or a desktop, is using an external hard disk drive. You’ve a selection between a bare external tough disk and one with an enclosure. Now let’s study what every of these options has to offer.

It’s quite simple to buy one with enclosure since you can get one in most personal computer shops. You need to install it, though, and it’s also not hot-swappable. The enclosure also tends to heat up the disk simply because the casing confines the disk activity. Inside the long-run, heating up could corrupt a disk drive’s system.

Meanwhile, a bare 1 is reasonably cheaper simply because it has no casing. But you will need a hard drive docking station to be able to be able to operate the device. It is much less complicated to manage your files from the PC to this simply because it does not want installation and it’s even hot-swappable. Simply connect the device to the PC by means of a USB cable and it’s all ready to make use of. Also, should you add up the cost of the bare 1 and a docking station, it’s still much less high-priced as compared to the price of a single enclosed external hard drive.

When it comes to HP’s hard drive dock, there’s no such device that the business developed. Even so, they do have a docking device that has its own integrated hard drive for additional memory space and back-up storage. The device is known as the 3-in-1 NAS Docking Station, and it’s compatible to most old HP and Compaq laptops. It features complete connectivity choices just like a desktop’s functionality, and with the built-in 160GB SATA hard drive, you don’t want to make use of any external hard drive anymore, which lets you get the most out of a docking station.

If you observe, despite the fact that HP has no hard drive docking station, the firm has an even better device to provide. I personally suggest all HP and Compaq users to get the NAS dock since it gives all of the connectivity needs of the laptop user as well as extra external memory. But in case you don’t have an HP laptop or you just want an additional storage space for your PC, I give you the freedom to determine whichever external memory you want to get.