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Tips For Buying Console Games On A Tight Budget

There are many advantages to having a game console; for one thing this device arguably provides the best possible gaming experience. There are drawbacks to using a console though and one of these is that the games can be expensive. If you compare PC games with console games you will find that it is normally much cheaper to buy games for the PC rather than the console and this is the biggest advantage that PC gamers have over console gamers. Before you get to gloomy though, there are a few ways that you can get your hands on console games at a good price.

– One option is to rent console games instead of actually buying them. This is often a good economical option because most of us will only play a game for a relatively short time period and then we will ignore it. So it could work out cheaper to rent the game for the length of time that you want to play it instead of buying it. Another benefit of renting games is that it allows you to play the newest games.

– Another option is to go for second hand games because these are significantly cheaper than brand new ones. The main drawback with this solution is that the latest games can take awhile before they are available to buy second hand; although they are usually available within a week or two after release. When buying pre-owned games you should always ensure that the person you are buying them from is a reputable seller.

– It pays to compare different sellers for how much they are charging for games because there will always be some that sell for less than others. The only way to make sure that you get the best deal is to do your research before you buy.


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Why I Felt It Was Time To Say Goodbye To My Console And Start Playing PC Games Again

When I say that I dumped my console to go back to playing PC games I’m exaggerating slightly. It isn’t like I got up one morning and stuck my console in the bin or anything. However I have decided not to play it at the moment because I want to play PC games instead. A lot of other gamers are curious about the move and wonder what caused me to make it; some see it as a sign that I’m now a serious gamer while others see it as turning into a gaming fundamentalist. In the rest of this article I’ll try to explain some of the reasons that convinced me to make this move.


– I’ve always envied PC gamers because they seem to be so much more passionate about the activity. Although the equipment that they use tends to be less user friendly than the console there are ways to get around this. The fact that PC gamers tend to know a lot more about gaming is something that I found appealing.


– I love the fact that you can create a gaming computer to suit your own individual needs and I have plans to do this in the future. This means that I can develop a machine to play the exact games that I want to play.


– After a few years a console will become obsolete and then you won’t be able to get games for it. You are then in the position of having to invest a whole lot of money if you want to enjoy new games. I never liked the fact that this happened and felt it was a scam. The PC will never become obsolete and you will always be able to get new games for it.


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