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The Facets Of The Dell Streak

The tablet market has been host to the Streak 7 Wi-Fi Tablet from Dell. But Dell simply saw the product idea, and it was worth testing to see where they could go with it. Our review article about the Streak 7 by Dell will contain several talking points worth paying attention to.


People usually buy tablet computers not because they fill an essential function, but because they’re fun to use. The reason that people purchase the Dell Streak is because of the many fun things that you can do when utilizing this electronic device.


There is no need to worry about having access to applications. The Dell Streak, with its Android-based OS, allows you to access more than you could ever download. Zoodles, an application developed by T-Mobile and Dell Computer’s, is a fun filled application made just for young children. There are trial apps for games such as Let’s Golf and Asphalt 5, which give you limited versions if you don’t upgrade to purchase the full versions. This tablet is definitely a terrific expense from my ultrasound technologist salary. The Dell Streak 7 Wi-Fi Tablet comes with a variety of options for connecting to the internet. You can access home and corporate networks, or hotspots that you might be passing through using wireless networking. There’s also Bluetooth connectivity that allows you to access features such as music streaming with a hands free device. You will not need to buy a GPS since that is a part of the tablet options. Live streams and apps are hot and will only continue to grow, so just think about what you can do with that. So the Dell Streak can keep you connected to the world in a variety of ways. I find it practical to communicate with my ultrasound technician buddies who I worked with before in the United states.


One of the biggest weaknesses of the Dell Streak 7 is the battery life. This battery tends to lose all of its energy after just a few hours, making it very difficult to use unless you are near a wall socket that you can plug it into.


You’ll have about five hours of battery life per charge, which is actually half of the normal battery life on most tablet computers. Even on standby, the battery usually needs to be recharged after a couple of days. You will definitely experience frustration when watching videos with this tablet computer, especially if you are not near an outlet. Although the Dell Streak is a very good tablet for the money, the battery life is something you may not want to deal with at all. Some of my relatives who are students from different ultrasound technician schools are now using this tablet because of its incredible features that acts valuable in their research reports.


Overall, the Dell Streak 7 Wi-Fi Tablet is a tablet computer that’s reasonably priced and offers a good variety of features. If you like to stay connected on the Internet, and also read e-books all day long, this tablet will be perfect for you. Despite the limitations (mainly the screen and battery life), the price that you pay for this tablet makes it quite a steal. You now have all of the information regarding the Dell Streak that you need to make an educated decision. Try one out today!