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3 Mobile Phone Accessories You Might Want

No kidding, everyone has a mobile phone, and the amount of mobile phone accessories available to let you get more out of them is amazing. They are seriously getting to be tiny versions of laptops considering all the processing power they have. What we want to show you in this article are some excellent and really fun mobile phone accessories that you’ll enjoy.

Anymore, you do need to connect your mobile phone to other kinds of digital devices, and there are accessories built just for doing that. So of course the connector of choice is the USB connector, and you can get a USB cable so you can hook-up to a PC, etc. This is a simple and fairly inexpensive item, but it allows you to transfer files between your mobile phone and computer. Unless you have a memory card for your phone, your phone’s memory will fill up fast if you do a lot of picture taking. USB cords are basic mobile phone accessories that are good for many tasks.

Then there is the mobile phone strap accessory, and while not critical to anything (usually) it can add to your look if fashion matters. In the area of fashion, sort of, you can get cool straps that fit your personality in some way, and you can add it to your mobile phone. This of course is not a must have accessory, but rather it’s a fun accessory and you could use different straps for different occasions. One practical purpose they can serve is making your mobile phone easy to recognize in a place where everybody has a phone and people are putting them down all over the place. It’s pretty amazing because these straps really have become an industry and come in all designs, colors, themes, etc. This is a light-hearted mobile phone accessory that many people love to get and play with, in terms of fashion and image.

If you often download a lot of things onto your mobile phone, one component you might want is a mobile phone memory card. Photos, music and videos are examples of things that can gobble up the memory on your mobile phone. A memory card gives you a place to store a large number of files. The only tricky thing about memory cards is that you have to find one that’s compatible with your phone. Before you purchase one, be sure to research which one you need, exactly, or it might now work properly. Memory cards are very beneficial extras for your mobile phone and they can give you the ability to take it easy and download as much as you desire to without having to stress about running out of space.

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What’s Behind The New Samsung Galaxy S3

The success the world might expect from the S2 has actually prompted the tech globe its next successor of Samsung’s innovative smartphone however by having the Samsung Galaxy 3 to be released numerous months from now. With so much hype going on with the Apple iPhone 5, the S3 is genuinely gaining bunches of attention on its features as well as countless are currently making comparisons.

As the changed version of the S2, the handheld is likely going to be slated for a release in the second fifty percent of this year. It was rumored that a fall release is incredibly much possible, almost the same time when the Apple iPhone 5 will certainly be released. Samsung president of mobile communications, Mr. Shin, has confirmed the item will definitely be released within this year.

The smartphone will house a very mighty two gigahertz of processing speed powered by a quad core chip. For such a monstrous chip, the phone will definitely support the processor in a slim body made out of glass as well as metal. The look of the anticipated smartphone will definitely offer the whole world a chance of what Samsung’s next line of smartphones will definitely look like in the future.

An additional feature that would definitely make you drool is its one point five gigabytes RAM. Internal storage space has actually never been this big for a smartphone at thirty two gigabytes along by having an available external microSD slot.

If you think that a cell phone by having an extremely high twelve megapixel camera will not fare well like any additional phone by having a high end camera then you might just need to rethink that. Samsung has guaranteed that the Galaxy s3 will definitely give more desirable looking images compared to any other camera phone. The images taken will definitely be incredibly detailed and crystal clear most especially if the software application its is running is the most up-to-date from Android by having the Ice Cream Sandwich 4.0.

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Information On The Blackberry Storm 3

Blackberry launched into the touch-screen realm with its Blackberry Storm, which followed on the heels of the Torch 9800, which had its platform as a slider phone. The Storm 2 sports a 3.25” touch-screen and 256 MB of memory, upgraded to 2 GB with a media card. The Storm 3 will use a “virtual” QWERTY keyboard and may have similar dimensions, but there are rumors of a 3.7” touch screen. Blackberry is working hard to dominate the smartphone market, and Torch users will have a lot to consider prior to upgrading to Blackberry’s latest offering.

The newest model Storm unit will take advantage of SurePress technology as its predecessors did and will utilize a full screen QWERTY virtual touch-screen. The Storm 3 will have many of the same features as the Storm and Storm 2 units, and will remain smaller and lighter than its cousin the Torch 9800. The Torch 9800 utilized a combination of slide-out keypad and touch-screen technology; a feature that was done away with in the full-blown touch-screen line of the Storm.

The Storm 3 will be a world edition smartphone that can be utilized across a range of networks. They will retain 802.11 Wi-Fi technology, which will allow users to surf the web wherever a hotspot exists. The Storm 3 will likely employ 4G capabilities, something that its predecessors the Storm and Storm 2 have not done. Both of the previous models are 3G compatible only. There may also be a chance that the new Storm 3 will function as a mobile hotspot, allowing other devices to connect to it and obtain Internet access.

Blackberry OS 6.0 may remain the standard operating system for the Storm units and the Torch, but there are suggestions that a Blackberry OS 7.0 may be introduced. Whatever the operating system no alternative operating systems will likely be offered for these phones. The OS will be customized to fit the specific features of the Storm units. A native webkit from Research in Motion will likely be utilized in the Storm 3, which is considered one of the best editions of web enabling software. The Storm 3 will likely offer an upgraded camera in a 5 mega-pixel version. There is also talk that this camera may actually be as powerful as an 8 mega-pixel version.

The Storm and Storm 2 already have plenty of features to convince a Torch user that an upgrade is necessary, and with the features touted by the Storm 3, there is a good chance that Torch users may hold out until its release.

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Blackberry Bold – It’s Out And It’s Good!

RIM has now added the Blackberry Bold to its repertoire of smartphones, and it brings a lot of innovative features to the table that are new to the Blackberry family. With this phone, you can take advantage of 3G HSDPA technology to access high speed networks. Also, not only do you get a larger, higher resolution screen, you can use it to view and edit Microsoft Office files. For business users especially, this phone is worth serious consideration.

This Blackberry model rolls out Blackberry 4.6, the newest version of the Blackberry operating system. This model remains lightweight even though increasing the display area to approximately 480 x 320 has resulted in an increase in the overall size of the unit relative to other recent models. This new generous display area facilitates viewing mobile video and reading long emails. This is also the very first of RIM’s phones to support HSDPA high speed networks, GPS and Wi-Fi.

This new Blackberry model also features multimedia connectivity like you have never seen before. The 2 megapixel camera carries a 5x digital zoom, integrated flash and the ability to record video, The media player will let you easily access all of your music and video files, as well as pictures and slideshows. The Blackberry Desktop Manager is a convenient place to organize and get to your music in a snap.

The Blackberry Bold supplies lush stereo sound through two built-in speakers and supports polyphonic, mp3 and MIDI ring tones. Using high speed USB 2.0 provides for the fast transfer of music from a computer and the new Blackberry Media sync application facilitates synching iTunes music collections with the phone as well.

You can also keep in touch with your business with the help of the Blackberry Bold‘s Documents To Go feature, allowing you to look at Word, Excel and PowerPoint documents in the same way that you would if you were staring straight at them from a computer screen. This way, you can keep an eye on the important documents and presentations that can make or break your office. However, while you can view these documents, it is impossible to edit them, so keep that in mind.

What do Oprah, the Department of Transportation, the Triple A, insurance companies and, state and federal legislators have in common?

The US Department of Transportation recently presented a proposal to forbid text messaging at the wheel by interstate truck and bus drivers.  This regulatory action follows up on Department of Transportation call to mitigate distractions that lead to crashes.

The plan would replace the temporary ban announced at the beginning of the calendar year by Transportation Secretary Ray LaHood.  The proposed ban applies to drivers of passenger buses and commercial trucks operating vehicles with a gross vehicle weight over five tons.  As an indication of the scope of the issue, violators could be facing civil penalities and/or even criminal penalties.

The US Transportation Department reported that 5,870 people were killed and about 515,000 were injured in 2008 in accidents involving distracted drivers.  The department didn’t speculate how many of those deaths and injuries were linked to cell phone.  The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration reflects the Transportation Department estimates with projection that around eighty percent of crashes are caused by driver distraction.  The AAA Foundation for Traffic Safety is funding research to find out the extent of the distraction issue.  The Governors Highway Safety Association (GHSA)   reports that driver inattention is a determining factor in many crashes, and cell phone calls and sending text messages are leading causes of driver distractions.

State legislators aren’t waiting for research reports and are passing new regulations dealing with cell phone calls  and texting .  The GHSA reports that twenty states plus Washington DC prohibit drivers of all types of vehicles from texting while driving.  An additional nine states restricting texting by novice drivers.  Most states are expected to implement the ban before too long.  However it is also believed that the laws are not enough to stop the problem and technology is neede.  The GHSA purports to say it supports texting bans for all drivers, but does have concerns about enforcement.

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The trucking and passenger bus trade associations support the texting ban, and many corporations have strict policies against texting when behind the wheel.  The government, industry and safety organizations have found common ground that distracted drivers  caused bysending text messages is a menace to society, and deserves action.  Advocates for dealing with the problem also include media powerhouse Oprah. 

The issue is a relatively new phenomenon.  As navigation systems, cell phones and other mobile electronics have become common in cars and trucks, safety advocates and the government have pushed for restrictions.

As regulations and technology work to to solve the issues a software package from  Phone Beagle is available to help deal with monitoring phone use.  Their software installs on Android and BlackBerry smartphones and monitors GPS location, and text messages along with other phone log events.