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Advantages And Disadvantages Of The Iphone And Android Smart Phones

Individuals are known to make phone purchases based on usability and functionality. Both the android and the Iphone have very great features, but there are also features that set them apart from each other. Android phone owners can change their operating systems, tinker with the hardware that has been used and even go as far as changing the overall keyboard layout and look.

Even though it makes it easy to perform customizations, its main challenge comes in running updates. It is very hard for one to perform a software update. A recent survey shows that only 14 percent of Android users have successfully upgraded to the new Android 4.2 version.

Jelly bean version 4.1 is the operating system in use in almost all the latest gadgets in the market currently. This has also seen changes being made to the on screen icons and applications such as the Gmail widget, better notification mechanisms and an overall change in the performance mechanism have also been noted. This is the same operating system that is being used on the various versions of the Nexus that have been developed. Both the regular phones and the tablets have been included here.

Iphone users get to enjoy access to a very wide range of applications. An Iphone user can easily locate an application that suits his works, one for his hobby and another to keep him busy when bored. Android on the other hand is quite limited when it comes to great apps. This is mainly because of the rigid framework that is used during their development. Rigidity has mainly been attributed to the development of software packages based on certain hardware requirements. This then makes it impossible to use the package in a different gadget.

iOS the operating system used in iPhones has one other advantage over the android. This is the ecosystem that it employs. All Iphones are developed in virtually the same manner meaning that they all operate in a similar way. Android has however started catching up with the iOS on the ecosystems.

Samsung, the Galaxy S3 manufacturer was able to record sales of about forty million units on this device alone in the last year. This was good news to both the manufacturers and the users. Users can now enjoy better and more customized products as the manufacturers of branded accessories are assured of a ready market.

Even though the Iphones are seen to dominate this particular market, users can cherish the fact that there is now a good alternative for all android users. This is something everyone who likes to tinker with his phone accessories should take time to consider.

Google products are used by many people on a day to day basis. Products such as Gmail, Google calendar and Google drive all make life easier due to their large number of functionality. Google Now is one of the latest editions that come with features such as reminders. When compared to Siri, Google Now has been seen to be better both in terms of features and performance. Also considering that Google maps has also been rated very highly when it comes to navigation software, android users still have a lot to enjoy from these phones in the long run.

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The Battle Of IOS And Android

Android phone and iphones are everywhere these days, in our device friendly world. Everyone is using their phone for pictures, applications and some people actually make phone calls too. But which is the best system when it comes to the crunch?

Good Looks

The most obvious difference between the two systems is Android’s flexibility, allowing its users to customise and add whichever widgets they want to stand aside the standard icons. This allows you to have icons like your inbox easily accessible, rather than having to click through the systems menus. Apple prefers to keep things simple and regimented, making it easier for the less initiated but sometimes a little impersonal with its grid view, which, for some, is also more pleasing to the eye.


The major difference here is Google’s insistence on variety; each handset is unique, giving it the more personal touch. This however can lead to some users getting lost within its unstructured nature, something Samsung have tried to address with its “Easy Screen” mode. This presents the user with a much easier to follow layout, having a basic mix of widgets and icons. It also has added a nice touch with its “Direct Call” feature, allowing the caller to simply lift the handset to their ear when viewing the receiver’s details.Apple by comparison has a more controlled and some would say “Rigid” system. If you prefer to have your hand held however, iOS is a more welcoming and less frustrating experience.

The Battle of Apps

There is something of a role reversal here; Android has built in apps like YouTube, Gmail, Google Maps and the canny Google Now. Apple’s iOS allows software developers to add their own features, to varying degrees of success.

The Battle of Design

With the S3’s mostly plastic casing, the iPhone’s glass and aluminium approach might lead some to think it is of better quality, but that is a little misleading. While the iPhone’s rectangular screen is of high quality, the S3’s 4.8″ screen is a big selling point, though both are designed beautifully.

The Battle of Weight – Tale of the Tape

It would be tempting to assume The S3’s impressive quad core processor makes it superior to the iPhones dual core but in reality, this makes little difference. The same can be said for a comparison of weight. The iPhone is slightly lighter at 116 grams while The S3 is 17 grams heavier, though it would take a very sensitive hand to notice the difference.

Battery Life

The iPhone has a slight advantage over The S3 in terms of all important battery life, though I would argue this is hardly noticeable. Thankfully both are now equipped with an extra battery. Though this technology seems to be the weak link in the chain.

Recording Features

Both systems’ recording software is far from perfect but the iPhones Siri has less faults than Samsung’s S Voice. One extra The S3 has up its sleeve however is “Smart Stay”, which helpfully identifies the user with its front camera, keeping the screen on. Both record in HD and are available in 4G.

Advantages and Disadvantages

The S3 is an open and rewarding product, with many options to keep the user fascinated, however for some, this can be confusing. The iPhone on the other hand is tidy and graceful, less rewarding but easier to master.

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Avoiding The Mistakes For The New Android Developers

Nowadays more and more people would like to use Android over the iPhone or any other smart phones due to its an easy task to use and interactive apps. Today, Android application market is on its peak with more than 4 lacs applications listed inside android shop and still the count is on. Many expert Android designers get victory to create standard applications however, not all are the same, several novice android designers frequently make several small however, important mistakes while developing android applications.

Inappropriate planning and development approach. This is really usual mistake prepared by new android programmer with the Microsoft office 2007 product key. They frequently forget to analyze the market trend or cannot catch the nerves of users, that at the end results inside bad response from customers and users. Just try to appreciate your customers needs first!

Numerous new android programmers frequently overlook customer experience and significance of appealing UI shape. Application developer should keep in mind that when they won’t create customer experience nice and enjoyable, they can at the end shed them and fails to get victory inside application development. Also Android UI designs may differ from device to device so it is important to create application UI that can perfectly run on any screen size. One can also use the Windows phones.

Android has been changed a lot from its initially version; there are total 8 different models of android today. However several designers create application that along certain OS version, that is big mistake as users scarcely follow any certain version for quite some time. So, it is advisable to create application that functions perfectly with the models of OS.

Numerous designers frequently supply wrong setup info inside androidmanifest.xml file, that leads complicated to reuse the platform and its particular Maintenance again.Utilizing too many qualities and functionalities inside application! Numerous recently entered app designers include tones of qualities and functionalities they learn in a application, that at the end create the app complex and lower the usability of the app. So, try to highlight and include required functionalities & qualities inside application. One can also visit http://www.atopsoftware.com for more information.

A Look At The Android Application Development

Android package runs on sensible mobile phones and eventually with the generous certification policy of the search engines inc each laptop nerdy has joined into the race to create their own personal android system with the Microsoft office 2010 product key. At the instant the full of the operating system trade is being set by 3 players the Microsoft that manufactures XP and currently windows vista, OS like and mac OS that is being used by mac book, iPhones and iPad.

At existing there are around two hundred thousand OS programs that are already designed and the variety is on the increase. The reason that led to the present overflow of android system is enhancing many high-end mobile phones. Besides that OS Application provide several advantages like option wide and detailed appeal of video, audio, image files, 2D/3D design, video camera, GPS and bit screen display screen for different system. For people who aren’t well skilled with java they can pick from many package program development guide available that guide on how to create operating system program. Can even be used to create OS Application. You may also visit http://www.atopsoftware.com for more information.

Android system development is turning into one in all the foremost widespread resources for development. Besides the strong options, provides a variety of benefits for designers of specialist. It may be simply managed and simple to use, since it’s based on free. The search engines operating system program may be settled with or without the help of an established system for operating system and growth of companies. For more details, you can check online.

The first selection is possible if the person is well practiced with the technology to make specialist. On the other hand, if the system creator isn’t skilled in using resources provided by OS SDK, the same selection may be unproductive and lead to loss of your energy and energy and effort, cash and resources. Most individuals like the latter choice, and use the services of an accomplished company. Developer, Central system API OS is the same used for your system development sequence. That provides versatility to the designer to choose any system program and create changes to current performance or add performance at their disposal to create new programs complete.

Putting How To Develop An App In Simpler Terms

The word “app” has been used and overused a lot lately. An app, or an application, refers to the applications software for mobile devices. They are designed with mobile devices such as smartphones and tablet computers in mind. The iPhone, in particular, would not be as useful as it is today if not for the apps that are used in it. People are now wanting to learn how to develop an app so they could have a piece of the action, so to speak.

Are there difficulties in developing an app? It is the contention of the majority that you have to be a programmer or be knowledgeable in programming to be successful at app building. Then you find out about some 9-year-old kids building apps and you start to wonder if that is true. You start to wonder if you can”t also do it. So, yes, there are difficulties involved in developing an app, but it can be done.

You have to understand that developing an app is a process. You will have to go through some paces to get it done. It is also not entirely free. You may have to shell out some money when you are serious enough to take classes or formal instruction on app development, and you may also find yourself having to spend money somewhere along the process of creating it.

It all starts with an idea and, for it to work, your idea for an app should be something unique and has merits. Conduct some market study. Take note of the thousands of apps that are available in the market to see what works. What is the reason behind the success of some apps? Then compare it with your app idea. Do you think it will also be a hit? Will they even remotely like it? Will it stand out among those numerous apps? Will it be something people would actually be willing to pay for? If you do not have an original idea, at least make sure your app is much better than its peers. Otherwise, there is no point in making it. It is also important that you have all the necessary tools and hardware. A Mac is necessary if you are creating an iPhone app since it has all the developmental tools you will need in making the app itself.

Next, you will then make use of developmental tools to actually make the app. iPhone has the Software Development Kit (SDK) available for download where many templates are also given to the app developer to choose from. Hiring a programmer is a possibility especially if you are not knowledgeable about programming. Run it through a simulator to check for problems or bugs. Then let other people test your app. Then you can submit your app for approval once you are satisfied with the results of the testing.

Despite a desire to find out how to develop an app, many people are still daunted by the amount of work and even the technical side of the process. But if you are sure that your idea has its merits that simply have to be shared, take the plunge and get right to making it into an app reality.

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Mobile Web Site The Key Aspects

The number of mobile websites that are pumped up into the Net is seriously rocketing. In a span of roughly 10 years or thereabouts earlier, the fixed internet sites of the typical class rose to 150 millions from just 1 million in numbers. Can a similar revolutionary growth occur in the case of mobile web site by the turn-about of the year 2017, is the anticipated forecasts of the technical professionals. Statistical data exhibit the growth is fast and it could definitely catch up with that of the fixed website growth pace in virtually no time.

Computers are being replaced with the capsules enormously, in almost every other walk of life. Right from the scholars to the professionals in the trade fined it to be highly convenient in having a tablet by their side all the time. They keep the world in their pockets to get updated with the most recent and current info of all kind. It enables folk to be highly smart and lead life with comfy ease. Naturally there are tiny constraints regarding the form factor.

The dimensions can't be ideal for the pro working environment though. Still, imagine the other thousands of purposes that are going to be met out as well. Applications of these widgets for a spread of purposes in almost every other strata of life make them to be unavoidable for people that got used to it.

Costs are not an inhibition anymore with the appearance of the most recent technologies that have come in already in the market. Straight from the android, i- phone to the blackberry for mobile website, every other gadget that uses these operating systems, are available at affordable costs all around the globe. The usages sideline the concerns for the price tag altogether.

The quantity of mobile website (mobil marknadsfring) users is significantly increasing every other day.

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Android Training Classes To Create Revolutionary Apps

Android OS is presenting a solid competition to the iOS, with its recent edition showing up in the market not too long ago. Based on a PCWorld.com report, Android products have comprised around 50% of the smartphone sales in the recent years. Android also received the title of best-selling smartphone platform in 2010. Over 190 million items with an Android operating system are currently active all around the globe. Android 4.0 is the recent offering by Google and makes your Android device more user-friendly and productive. Code named the ‘Ice Cream Sandwich’ (ICS), the latest OS includes various useful developments intended to inspire you to upgrade your smartphone. 

Monitoring data usage

By using unlimited data plans, you don’t need to cope with your data usage. This actually also eliminates the necessity to bother with syncing with Wi-Fi while you are mobile. However, recently, unlimited data options have become limited and a need to manage data usage is important. The new ICS OS possesses an app that allows you to check your data usage. In addition to this benefit, additionally you can set notifications that inform you when you have achieved your limit. This may eventually save you a considerable amount of needless costs.

Optimized keyboards

A particular good thing about taking up android classes is creating cutting edge apps. With proper training android programmers will take their abilities to another level with these ground-breaking applications. ICS is ideal for you no matter what model of smartphone you have. On-screen keyboards are utilized not just in text messaging but also to take down notes or fill very important forms. This specific task is difficult if the display size of your smartphone is not exceptionally large. Android 4.0 boasts of major improvements in this regard by capturing taps better and featuring a greater variety of auto correct possibilities. 

Enhanced voicemail and speech recognition

ICS is taking voice mailing to a new level by presenting options such as accelerating the playback to go through the message more rapidly. The voicemails are additionally listed in the call log. An API (Application Programming Interface) has additionally been included to allow for visual voicemail. Translating speech to text is an element that has been included in the previous versions of Android OS too. Enhancements in Android 4.0 nowadays make speech-to-text conversions less difficult plus much more accurate. ICS converts the speech to text in real time so the user doesn’t need to wait a couple of seconds after talking. This function furthermore helps make dictation applications extremely effective.

Better cameras and bookmark syncing options

With the current version of Android OS, you are required to unlock your phone before you can activate the camera. However, with ICS, you can use all features of the camera even when the phone is locked. The brand new OS comes with a function called zero shutter lag so that you to capture an array of images in quick succession. Another new option to synchronize bookmarks of your computer’s browser and your phone makes it simple for you to access marked pages even if you are away from your system. The ICS makes it possible for your phone to gain access into the Chrome browser of your system from any place in the whole world.

20 Years Of Linux

Probably one of the most powerful operating systems, Linux, has fewer users when compared with Windows. Nevertheless, there are a good number of folks that value the advantages of this operating system and have been using it for some time now. Linux was generally regarded as a developers’ tool, which is why it has approximately seven to eleven million users, as compared to the 400 million users Windows has. However, that will most certainly change when folks understand that Linux is easier to install and use and can improve the system’s performance considerably.

20 years of Linux

As per a story from Telegraph.co.uk, Linux may not have won over the minds of millions of Windows users but it has silently and successfully achieved two decades recently. Linux developers as well as supporters have been trying hard for 20 long years to surpass Windows OS that has been experiencing a monopoly over desktops. The Windows OS is probably what the standard user is comfortable with or accustomed to working on, but websites of large businesses across the world, such as Amazon, Google as well as Facebook are being powered by Linux machines.

Plus, Linux has bolstered its footing in two important communities – mobile and web computing. If you should have a smartphone phone powered by Android, you should be aware that your phone is powered by software that is another version of Linux. Android is probably one of the best selling smartphone operating systems today, which even the renowned Windows 7 mobile software couldn’t beat (recall how Windows Phone 7 had failed). Without doubt, Android could be considered as one of the most exceptional achievements of Linux in its 20 years. But the power of this operating system hasn’t been limited to just these areas. Different adaptations of the software are utilized in automobiles, gaming systems, stock exchanges, television sets, cash machines as well as planes.

Working with Linux

Utilizing Linux is incredibly straightforward and remarkable too when you are a developer. Try it once and you are bound to get hooked on it always. The good thing about Linux is that it is free of charge and can be installed on your computer without touching your already present Windows operating system. Compared to Windows, Linux is dependable and smooth and will not need to be rebooted for regular upgrades. Above all else, Linux is far more secure than your Windows OS and may be a good choice if you store sensitive business information on your device.

Getting trained in Linux

Considering the success rate of Android mobile operating system, we can declare that Linux is here to stay for some time. If you would like to join the expanding Linux family, find linux training courses that can teach you everything about the system along with its applications. Learning to use Linux isn’t complicated, however, if you intend to be a software programmer, achieving the right knowledge of the system by attending linux training courses is always much better than attempting to understand it by yourself. Getting involved in a training program can help you acquire practical knowledge and also will be helpful to you in your profession as a programmer.

G1 Will Soon Update Its Androids Operating System

CALIFORNIA – Google G1 Sales were fairly good, although recently launched. Unfortunately, starting from the initial release up to now, the smart phone only once updated its operating system. the newest news that spread G1 will upgrade Android OS to the Android platform 2.0.1

Last G1 Android OS is still using the version 1.6, which increased from the previous Android version 1.5 or cupcake. Issues that the G1 will use 2.0.1 Android is certainly make G1 more interesting, because if this OS is pinned on the G1 of course the developer of G1 will require  larger internal memory to be able to run Android 2.0.1.

Sources in the T-Mobile, as a distributor partners mentioned the OS upgrade for the Google G1 is very real. However, the source could not say whether the G1 will be using the platform android 2.0 or 2.0.1. as well as the certain date when this latest release available on the G1 market.

“No word on when the release would G1 with the latest OS updates, including whether the T-Mobile will be pinned on Android 2.0 or even directly to 2.0.1,” said the source, told Softpedia, Monday (28/12/2009) .

T-Mobile Google G1 is the first smart phone operating system Android introduced to the world, although at first this phone did not get a proper fanfare, but over time the G1 started getting attention in the smart phone lovers. While Android OS 2.0 is the latest generation of operating systems made by google, that first pinned in Motorola’s handset Droid.