Samsung 46 Led Smart TV – The New Smart TV – The Samsung ES8000 – Samsung 46 LED Smart TV

The Samsung ES8000 is one of those new Smart TVs that the world is going crazy over. It is one of the ES8000 series from Samsung and is the only television in the world at the moment that can be upgradable by inserting a small chip into the back of the TV.

This TV is very smart. It comes with a dual core processor which lets you do lots of different things at once like watch your favorite movie while also surfing the Internet – you can even try and watch two things at once if you want. The TV also comes with voice, profile and gesture control that lets users control things such as volume settings and also change the channels by just using their voice, or even by the simple wave of a hand. The Samsung ES8000 even comes with a HD camera that is actually built right into the top of the television, which is really cool if you like to use skype with your friends and family.

Naturally this Tv also has automatic updates and because the TV is constantly online it can be updated at any point in time. The samsung es8000 46 led smart tv also comes with signature services, which allows you and your family to all sync up your mobile devices around the televisions Smart Hub. The Smart Hub even has an educational section that records the actual progress of your children (or whoever) as the educational programs themselves are worked through. You can even send each other messages and share photos.

There are so many reviews online for the Samsung 46 LED Smart TV and these are probably worth you while to have a look at if you are thinking about getting one of these new televisions. With the samsung es8000 46 led smart tv – the way you and your family watch television and are entertained at home is about to change forever. Smart TVs really are the new home entertainment technology.

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  1. I like that the Samsung ES8000 has the ability to upgrade its system in the future. I want a TV like the ES8000 that will make the most out of the HD Free for Life channels that I have from Dish. I’ve been asking many of my Dish co-workers which TVs they would approve of, and Samsung has been a favorite. I usually watch the football games at the bar with my friends, but I think having a TV like this would make certain my house is the best place to watch ESPN. It may be expensive, but for a TV that will be mostly up to date a few years from now, I think its well worth it!

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