Recover SMS and Phonebook Using SIM Card Data recovery

Now you can recover all your deleted text messages (SMS) and contacts number from the Sim card of your cell phone using SIM card data recovery software .

This software reads and examines the SIM Card with the help of USB sim Card reader (any PC/SC Standards or Phoenix Standards based Reader) and recover deleted information quickly and effectively.

The valuable tool is now available to download for the users worldwide. If you have accidentally deleted all your important contact numbers, and favorite SMS from yours GSM/3G SIM card you must be wondering how to recover it.

This SIM card data recovery software will recover all yours deleted text messages with in less then a minute on yours windows operating system.
This  software allows you to view information including deleted contacts numbers and text messages. The advance feature facilitates generating the report which allows viewing date and sending time of text message. The software is available exclusively for Microsoft windows operating system.
:: This software retrieves all deleted text messages.

:: This software recovers the lost numbers along with contact name.

:: Lost data is recovered within minute time.

:: The data recovered only on windows operating system.

:: Support service of any SIM provider.

:: Read GSM/3G SIM of any country any network.

:: Software recovers 20 digit ICC Identification number printed on the SIM   card service provider name.

:: Works with USB Sim Card Reader.

:: The software is easy to install and use.

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  1. Hi! Thank you for not hesitating to ask questions and about your questions, don’t worry about the price because it will not cost a lot. All you need to do is to download the software via online and to have a USB SIM card reader. The USB SIM card reader is needed to link the SIM and the computer. I can guarantee you that you can retrieve your deleted important data in your SIM through this software.I hope that I answered your questions well.

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