Netbooks V Notebooks

Netbooks v Notebooks

The computer has changed the world in which we live in. A whole range of different people are now getting involved in the digital world. Even with the ease of access to computers, as many as 10 million people in the UK still don’t have internet. As well as this fact, it appears many people do not know the difference between a netbook or notebook.


So we are here to help, let’s first look at the notebook. Firstly, it is a simple fact that when people are referring to a notebook, that is the same as a laptops. Their screen size is quite large, from 14 inches to around 17 but some can be bigger.


Indeed the first laptops were notebooks, followed by tablets and netbooks. Netbooks are smaller and less powerful. But they do still have the capability to connect to printers and perform most of the same functions as a full sized laptop.


The best netbook feature has to be portablitly. And cheap netbooks do fit nicely into small bags or on your desk.


If you are thinking about buying a laptop for work, then look into netbooks. But if you want one for entertainment, with the increased screen size and CD/DVD drive means a notebook is the best option.

Most gamers agree that standard notebooks or netbooks struggle to provide the power needed to cope with gaming, but notebooks are more likely to be best. Netbooks are great value for money and give you a great travel option. Meaning they are great for taking anywhere you want.


A lot of people think that netbooks are a lot slower than notebooks. But that is no longer the case. There is an ever increasing number of people praising the power of netbooks!


Google laptops buying guides to find out more.


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