Making A Comparison Between Apple Device And Microsoft

Apple’s devices, the iPhone and iPod Touch, currently don’t have NFC technology embedded into its systems. Though it doesn’t store credit cards nor allow for payments, its functions can rival Microsoft’s Wallet Hub. Passbook is an app for iOS6 that stores tickets, coupons, cards, and passes into one easy to use interface. To scan each pass, a 2D barcode, like a QR code, is present at the bottom which stores the relevant information of the pass. Check online for the related information.

The most prominent feature is Passbook’s time and location enabled capabilities. By using GPS, a user’s card would appear right on their home screen based on their location, allowing for consumers to swipe and scan to use the card with ease. Accompanying this feature is push notifications and real time updates, so when information on a pass changes, say the balance of your Starbucks card is reduced, users will automatically receive the updated figure on their passes.

When Microsoft debuts future Windows Phone devices, all will be equipped with NFC chips that allow users the ability to carry out transactions. Wallet Hub is an application that can store all passes, tickets, coupons, and most notably credit card and debit cards. Users can use the Windows Phones to pay for items at various outlets that support NFC technology. This app would become the exclusive payment system for all Windows Phones, and in-app purchases would be carried out through Wallet Hub.

The home screen will display all the user’s passes, cards, and tickets, offering easy access to things in their e-wallet. Dig a little further and there are even options for users to search for nearby deals. In terms of redeeming these offers, the current known way Microsoft has chosen is through the use of QR codes, but this could change after October. With NFC technology, all Windows Phone 8 devices would be able to interact with one another. One can also visit for more details. Like the “Bump” app in iPhones, users can share information between their phones utilizing NFC. A simple “tap” of the devices and data is transferred between the two devices. For example, sharing a digital business card or pictures would be very simple.

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