Important Tips for BlackBerry User

Although the BlackBerry has a variety of advanced capabilities, users also need to know basic ability of this smart phone.

Such as how to find out is your Blackberry locked by the operator or not, and how to make a tidy inbox.

Here are the tips:

1. Knowing your Blackberry  PINIMEI, OS version, and FreeMem.

Click: Options – Status, or press and hold ‘ALT-Caps/aA-H’ together.

2. Knowing whether Blackberry  ‘locked’ or ‘unlocked‘.

Click: Options – Advanced Options – Sim Card – write / type ‘MEPD’.

– If BB ‘unlocked’ the status line will appear: ‘Disabled’.

3. Knowing your blackberry status,  ‘IT Policy’ enabled/disabled?

Click: Options – Status – write / type ‘BUYR’
– If the Blackberry is installed IT-Policy/BES, it show  “IT Policy enabled”.
– If there is no IT Policy, appears’ data usage ‘and’ voice usage ‘with the number  of usage
– at the same time we can see this blackberry is new / used. If new, the number must be Zero / zero all.

4. Create SMS and email in separate folders.

Click; Messages’ – BBMenu – Options – General Options
– Find ‘SMS and Email Inboxes’: separate.

5. Make your Inbox tidy and have a nice looks.

Click ‘Messages’ – BBMenu – Options – General Options
– In line 3, ‘Display Order’ click and select ‘Name, Subject’
– On line 4, ‘Display Message Header On’ click and select’2 lines’
– In line 10, ‘Separators’ click and select’ Stripes’
– Bottom line, ‘Keep Messages’ select’15 days’ that do not meet the inbox or memory.

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