How To Become A RN?

Medical and healthcare industry is full of lucrative career paths, where roles like CNA and RN provide a rewarding career for meriting aspirants. The career path with CNA and RN isn't just promising but also come with rewarding income package. No matter, which of the 2 you wish to go with, you are certainly intending to make this world a far better place for your patients. Although, both the options fall in the nursing class, their responsibilities vary seriously.

This article will help you to explore more of licensed nurses and nursing assistants features and be clear with the most important difference between the two job profiles. The differences are as follows:

Level of job: CNA also known as certified nursing helper permits access to entry-level job in nursing homes and surgeries. These nurses avail awfully basic services to the patients under the management of licensed nursing staff. On the other hand, RN or registered nursing staff obtain access to higher level nursing jobs. They control and manage the activities of authorized nursing helpers and licensed practical nurses. Registered nurses may also hold the position of nursing unit executives in infirmaries.

Key responsibilities: certified nursing helpers are accountable for the maintenance of private care and cleanliness of the patients in the hospitals and among patients also. Their responsibility involves checking patient?s medical conditions, washing and feeding the patient, helping in transporting the patient and reporting the vital signs. The services provided by licensed nurses are different to that of CNAs. Licensed nursing staff supervise and allot jobs to the CNAs. They usually carry out services like administrating injections and medication, dressing wounds, and helping doctors during medical procedures.

Needed educational qualification: aside from job responsibilities, the educational paths of both the careers are widely varied. A course of 4 to 6 weeks is undertaken to be accepted for CNA certification exam. But , to start to work CNAs also need to pass licensing exam. The process of changing into a RN is far more complicated. Applicants or aspirants need to cover a two-year nursing programme from a vocational or technical college, or get a four-year degree and qualify a licensing examination.

Expected earnings: the pay scale difference in the both the professions can be easily spotted. CNAs are paid less than registered nursing staff. A CNA can earn up to $12 an hour. Nonetheless CNAs can earn more cash by working overtime. As of RNs, they can earn above $52,000 each year.

This piece has been penned by Anna Waltsen, in which she has described the most notable difference between CNA and RN job profiles. For more information on nursing courses, you can take a look at the official sites of reputed schools.

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