For Mac OS Users You Need These 3 Important Facts

Learning new tips for the Mac OS is good when you can find parts that you find interesting. You can go online and find various sites that have lots of apps, which you can use on your Mac. Another thing you can do also, is to shorten the learning curve with OS X Lion. Most people who use a Mac are not involved in an online business or use it for professional reasons, but are just regular users. There are lots of Mac OS tips, so even if you are not using it for business, you will still learn things to help you.

Have you noticed how much has changed in the Finder’s search function of the Mac OS Lion? The search function is now more flexible than it was before, even though it was OK before the changes.

Now you have the capability of using filters which can be applied specifically to searching in a particular file. Suggestions for locations will pop up when you enter your search terms. It’s a very interesting feature. To help you, you will be given questions – such as your search parameters – to answer. You will like this feature in Finder search because your searches will proceed a lot smoother and faster. Combining address books together is something that is very useful, mostly for people that have more than one. Every entry that you add should have a pic. This will make it stand out more than ever. You can link images with addresses using Faces and Address Book. These are components of iPhoto and part of the OS X Lion operating system. You will need to click on the Faces icon once you double-click on the pic for your contact. The iPhoto library will have the person that you are seeking. Changing the image dimensions, after you choose the image, is also possible.

You might want to use an external disk to back up your computer, and for security reasons, you will want to encrypt them. Taking precautions for security is a standard procedure we do all the time, and many others we know. The Mac OS Lion now has the option of taking the system volume and applying encryption. This was done differently before, but this way is convenient and an easy way to go. After you select your device that you are using, such as a fire wire drive, the security will be applied to them directly at this level. In conclusion, you have seen what apps related Mac OS tips are available to use today. But hey, don’t let words like development scare you because you can learn how to do it. Work your way up. Start small, and then progressively move forward. Doing this is very fun (and addicting!), so be careful to not waste too much of your precious time building apps.

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