Earn Money Online: Paid To Socialize

earn money online
earn money online

With paid to socialize you can earn extra money ,just join to social networking site that provide a certain incentive commissions for a number of actions you perform(like your activities in facebook/friendster/twitter/myspace ).

The advantages of this “Paid to socialize” compared to the others is that you should not need to have a blog or site.

Here are some of pay social networking site (and it`s review) that you can consider. If you are interested, please join. Just join and start earn money.


Yuwie  is the social network sites (such as Friendster/facebook/twitter) who pay your online socializing activity. Yuwie pays you to write, comment, upload photos, chat, look your friend Yuwie page, and invite your friends to join Yuwie. If you are familiar with Friendster/facebook/twitter or MySpace, you will not strange to Yuwie features.


Dada.net is a social networking site with the program division of the commission that will pay you to invite your friends to join and attract visitor traffic.


a site where you supposedly earn money for making forum posts and interacting with others.  After my experience with Yuwie, I wasn’t very optimistic.  But, to my surprise there’s something different going on at MyLot.  First, you can fill in an extensive, yet easy to use, profile which is just a list of things in certain categories that interest you.  Then based on your interests, certain threads are featured for you. The minimum payout is $10 paid on the 15th of the month following the month you reach the minimum.  They pay by PayPal and give you 25% of what your direct referrals earn.  If you like to talk and learn, check it out.

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