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When Apple releases new iPads, is a huge deal. The anticipation and delivery is always high, as it will probably be for the iPad 3. Now that this day has arrived, we can take a close look at the latest iPad and see if all of the hype was justified. Many people are calling this device “iPad 3” (despite the fact Apple has not officially called it anything), a device we will now review.

Apps for Apple devices are extremely popular. There are literally thousands to choose from, and more and more are created on a daily basis. You can use many of these apps on your new iPad, and there are some that work especially well on this device. IPhoto, which now comes with the iPad, can professionally manage your photo and editing needs.

Along with the new camera, which has just been recently upgraded, the iPad can help you share photos that are absolutely phenomenal. This new iPad also comes with iMovie breading videos and GarageBand for making music of your own. Most of the applications are reasonably priced, though some of them are free. It just depends what you want. Whether you’re looking for news, weather, recipes or just about any type of information or entertainment, you can find an app for it. Tape recorders were talked into, and that is what you can do with the dictation capability of the new iPad, if you would rather do that than type. To stop talking when you are finished, you do what you did to start talking, and that is take the microphone icon and tap on it. Your speaking will be turned into text by the iPad automatically. You might have some document that needs to be written, a paper, a letter, or dictate notes to yourself, there are many uses for this feature. Just about anything can be done by using dictation, even looking for a destination, or even searching the web. Typing can get kind of old, so you might find it easy and fun to use dictation with your new iPad.

Reading books is easy when you have an iPad. If you like to read fiction books, or even nonfiction, more books are converted into e-book formats like Kindle, making it easier to digitally access them. It is very commonplace to see people reading digital magazines. Apple has its own bookstore, iBooks, which has a half a million books for you to read. Kindle books can be read. All you need is the Kindle app on your iPad so you can read them. Many books are quite reasonable, and some are even free. It is easy to make notes, highlight text, and underline words that you read on the iPad. There is a dictionary that can help you look up words as well. There are fun features, along with a wide variety of useful ones, with the iPad 3. Not too many people will be disappointed with the latest version of iPad, since Apple keeps improving on its creation. Incompatibility with traditional computers and the lack of Flash are still valid criticisms of all iPads. Considering all that you get with the new iPad, the value you get is very good.

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