Advantages And Disadvantages Of The Iphone And Android Smart Phones

Individuals are known to make phone purchases based on usability and functionality. Both the android and the Iphone have very great features, but there are also features that set them apart from each other. Android phone owners can change their operating systems, tinker with the hardware that has been used and even go as far as changing the overall keyboard layout and look.

Even though it makes it easy to perform customizations, its main challenge comes in running updates. It is very hard for one to perform a software update. A recent survey shows that only 14 percent of Android users have successfully upgraded to the new Android 4.2 version.

Jelly bean version 4.1 is the operating system in use in almost all the latest gadgets in the market currently. This has also seen changes being made to the on screen icons and applications such as the Gmail widget, better notification mechanisms and an overall change in the performance mechanism have also been noted. This is the same operating system that is being used on the various versions of the Nexus that have been developed. Both the regular phones and the tablets have been included here.

Iphone users get to enjoy access to a very wide range of applications. An Iphone user can easily locate an application that suits his works, one for his hobby and another to keep him busy when bored. Android on the other hand is quite limited when it comes to great apps. This is mainly because of the rigid framework that is used during their development. Rigidity has mainly been attributed to the development of software packages based on certain hardware requirements. This then makes it impossible to use the package in a different gadget.

iOS the operating system used in iPhones has one other advantage over the android. This is the ecosystem that it employs. All Iphones are developed in virtually the same manner meaning that they all operate in a similar way. Android has however started catching up with the iOS on the ecosystems.

Samsung, the Galaxy S3 manufacturer was able to record sales of about forty million units on this device alone in the last year. This was good news to both the manufacturers and the users. Users can now enjoy better and more customized products as the manufacturers of branded accessories are assured of a ready market.

Even though the Iphones are seen to dominate this particular market, users can cherish the fact that there is now a good alternative for all android users. This is something everyone who likes to tinker with his phone accessories should take time to consider.

Google products are used by many people on a day to day basis. Products such as Gmail, Google calendar and Google drive all make life easier due to their large number of functionality. Google Now is one of the latest editions that come with features such as reminders. When compared to Siri, Google Now has been seen to be better both in terms of features and performance. Also considering that Google maps has also been rated very highly when it comes to navigation software, android users still have a lot to enjoy from these phones in the long run.

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