10 Most Popular Mobile Phone in 2009

Washington – As one of the information technology center country, what kind of mobile phone is choosed by most peaople in the United States. Nielsen Research Bureau recently released a list of 10 most popular phones in the united states in 2009.

The highest ranked is the iPhone, Apple’s touch-screen smartphone. BlackBerry Curve 8300 following the runner-up position, followed by the Motorola Razr, a flip phone which was still quite glorious though it was released a long time.

According to Nielsen research, the iPhone grabbed a market share of 4 percent of all mobile subscribers in the U.S. telecommunications operators. While Raihan BlackBerry 8300 reached 3.7 percent and Motorola Razr got 2.3 percent.

South Korean mobile phone vendors seem to be the favorite in the U.S.. Proven two LG-made phone, the LG VX9100 LG enV2 and Voyager, ranks four and five. While Samsung Rant Samsung puts in sixth place.

As quoted from PCMag, Tuesday (22/12/2009), the next sequence, respectively occupied by the BlackBerry Storm, LG Dare, Lg Vu and the BlackBerry Pearl in the 10th rank.

In addition to releasing a list of most popular mobile phones, Nielsen also revealed that the site most often accessed via mobile devices. The big Three are occupied  by Google Search, Yahoo and Gmail. While Facebook networking site took fifth place, behind the Weather Channel site.

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